5 Tips For Managing Apnea During The Summer Heat

40300682 - summer backgroundMany people favor the summer months because the temperatures are so much warmer. This is the time of year when a lot of folks like to take some time off from work and take vacations with family.


Getting out of town to go camping or to an exotic resort location are fun ways to enjoy quality time together as family. But, if you have sleep apnea, these activities can be a bit challenging – and, especially because sleep apnea symptoms can be worse in the summer heat.


Here are some tips for how to get restful sleep during the summer heat:


  • If you can help it, keep your sleeping space as cool as possible. If you are at a hotel make sure to keep the air conditioner to a comfortable temperature and close all windows. This is an especially important step while you are away from the room, as you will want to come out of the heat and into a colder environment.
  • Consider renting an RV or trailer to go camping in rather than sleeping in a tent. This way you can control the temperature of the room that you are sleeping in and your apnea will be less likely to get exacerbated.
  • Before you go to bed, take a cool shower so that your internal body temperature is cooled off. This helps to reduce the inflammation that your body is experiencing from the heat. Put a damp cloth on your head or your neck to further reduce your body temperature and make it easier to sleep and breath.
  • Wear light pajamas that will allow you to breathe while you sleep. Getting too hot and stuffy in your sleep will only make your apnea symptoms worse.
  • Be careful of what you eat during the summer months. Avoid foods that are high in fat, sugar, or dairy. And, limit the amount of alcohol that you consume. Follow an anti-inflammatory diet.


Make sure that you enjoy your summer vacation as much as possible by following these tips for keeping your sleep apnea under control in the summer heat. The rising temperatures can make your symptoms much worse, so you will want to be proactive and use some of these tips.

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