About the Company – Located in Jacksonville, FL

CPAP Battery, Inc. provides CPAP battery packs for the most used cpap machines on the market. We strive to make this the best cpap battery pack you can buy in regards to price, size, run time, charge time, convenience, and ease of use.

Our goal is to continue to provide the lowest cost, but highest quality cpap battery pack. We believe that the customer should not have to worry about hidden costs in shipping or be stuck with a large, heavy, unsafe battery to lug around.

Look around at other Li-ion cpap batteries, you will find that our battery is lighter, lasts longer, better quality, and a lower price. You can’t ask for much more than that. We believe that prices for your CPAP supplies should not depend on the market value, but at a cost that is most affordable.

Instead of charging the going rate for CPAP batteries we take smaller profits in order to give you the lowest price around, yet provide you with a better product than our competitors. They won’t match our prices because they are only concerned with profits. Just call them up and ask them to match our prices they won’t do it!

Product Information

Do your research and you will find that we offer the best product on the market. Our cpap battery packs cater to your needs such as, long battery life, small, lightweight, short re-charge times, includes a travel case, and most of all, an affordable price with free shipping. Our battery pack is a 7.8 Amp Hour Power Output, most competitors have a 6.6 or lower. This means that our battery will run your device at least 20% longer.

This 2 lb cpap battery pack comes with a 5 hr recharge time instead of the usual 10 hr, secure travel case, charger, shielded DC cord (optional), and simple instructions. With most CPAP machines this battery will last between 10 – 20 hrs without humidification.

The most popular cpap battery packs sold are the cpap battery packs w/out dc cable. The reason these are the most sold is because you can buy your own dc cable for our machine. Most all cpap machines have a DC-12 adapter.. Just do a google search for “your cpap machine name” and then “dc-12 cable” or “cigarette lighter adapter”. We are here to help you. If you need any assistance in obtaining anything in regards to your cpap battery pack just send us an email and we would be more than happy to assist you.