Tips For Managing Your Sleep Apnea While Traveling This Summer

21145897_sThe summer months are a time for family vacations and fun road trips. Most families like to reserve the majority of their quality family time to the summer months, because this is the time of year when the weather is nice and they can spend time outdoors well into the evening.


Traveling any time of the year can be stressful. Even if you are going to a really fun place that will be very relaxing – the process of getting there could be challenging.

And, if you have sleep apnea of obstructive sleep apnea, then you must travel with your CPAP machine to ensure that your symptoms are managed and you enjoy your time on vacation.


But, traveling with a CPAP machine is easier said than done. There are some things that you must make sure are done to ensure that the machine is properly maintained and stored safely. Here are a few tips to follow:


  • If you are traveling by airplane, consider purchasing a hard shell carry-on and store your CPAP machine inside of its case, and inside of the suitcase. A hardshell suitcase is much less likely to become damaged, and by carrying it on the plane you eliminate the risk of it being lost
  • If you are planning a camping this summer, make sure that you purchase an alternative power source for your CPAP in case there isn’t a place to plug it in. A battery pack will allow your machine to run for up to 24-hours.
  • Talk with your durable medical supplier about your trip and the needs that you might have for your CPAP machine. They should be able to recommend some accessories and supplies to help make your vacation trip more comfortable.


Taking a vacation this summer might seem like it is not possible if you have apnea and need a CPAP machine. But, with a little bit of planning ahead and checking in with your support system – you can easily take a summer vacation with your family … and, without worry about your apnea!


Make sure you talk to your doctor if your apnea is complicated by any kind of other conditions. And, check with your CPAP supplier for recommendations of accessories and supplies that could make traveling with your machine easier.


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