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Travel - CPAP Battery Pack

Battery Pack Only (NO DC CORD)$299.99$239.99

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If you like to travel and you're on cpap, you know how hard it can be to find a portable cpap battery. Most of the cpap batteries on the market are either expensive and don't last very long or they last a long time but are big and bulky.

With our cpap battery we eliminated all the problem areas. Our battery is the least expensive, starting at $239.99, long lasting,, and is travel friendly, weighing only 2 lbs. Because it's lithium ion there is no chance of leaking or fire, and you can bring it on a plane or have it next to you while you camp. We designed this battery specifically with cpap users in mind. Order yours now while still in stock!

*If in stock, Ships from warehouse the next business day / Expedited shipping available at checkout


    2 lb CPAP Battery
    7.8 Amp Hour Power Output (At Least 20% MORE hours of operation per charge than a 12v DC 6.6 Amp Hr

    5 hr Full Recharge time
    Light turns "GREEN" when it's fully charged

    Secure Travel case with space for your charger

    Always FREE shipping for any Portable CPAP Battery

    Simple instructions for operating the battery

Battery Life

    View Run Times click here.
    We suggest you plan to use your battery without humidification to gain the most hours out of our battery before having to charge it.
    Test the battery before going on your trip to see how long the battery charge will last with your settings.
    Each person's cpap machine and settings are different so test your cpap machine first.


    The traveling cpap battery pack is the smallest and most lightweight traveling cpap battery on the market. It provides tremendous power for it's size. At 7.8 amp hours power output it is more powerful than any other cpap battery of it's size. This cpap battery pack lasts at least 20% longer than a 6.6 amp hr battery.

    This portable battery pack has been put through rigorous tests and has been designed to last. The traveling cpap battery pack can be recharged at any level and there is no worry of under or over charging the battery.

Other Notes

    When charging your traveling cpap battery pack you must use the charger that comes with it. If you use any other charger for your travel battery pack you run the risk of damage to the battery and an increased risk of possible fire hazard.

    Please note that if you use a heated humidifier with your travel cpap battery pack the run times for the battery pack will significantly decrease. Some cpap heated humidifiers can not be run on a 12v battery source.

    We would suggest using your cpap machine without a heated humidifier while traveling to increase the run time for you cpap battery pack.

    Make sure to test your portable cpap battery pack before traveling. You want to run some tests on how long the battery will last on your machine. Everyone's cpap machine settings are different and your run time may vary from somone elses.

Money Well Spent

sunWe offer the best cpap travel battery on the market.
Sleep Better knowing you've got the best


“I can't believe that this small battery was able to run my CPAP for 2 nights straight without charging it. Great Product and a Great Price.”

-John Williams, Wisconsin